Saturday, 30 October 2010

2 Golds and a Silver

I won!!!!

We had Cuppers last weekend, which is the selection meet for those who will represent Oxford in next weekend's Fresher's Varsity match verus Cambridge. I won shot put and discus and came in second place for javelin. My disctances were far from what I wanted them to be, but I've done a great deal of technical training in the last week, so I'm hoping to get back to my old self again sometime soon.

We saw Hamlet this week at the National Theater in London. It was beautifully done. The staging was incredibly modern sort, of like CIA meets Shakespeare. The modern staging definitely made it fun for a younger audience. Maybe the director read my Shakespeare post. Just kidding.

Big news on the writing front...

I had my creative writing tutorial this week, during which I presented a chapter of a book I am currently working on. My tutor loved it. I'll spare the recantation of his praises in fear that it will be misconstrued as bragging; however, I will say that I'm grateful to be working with someone who acknowledges my potential and feels that YA writing is the right path for me.

I received some other big news on the writing front this week. One of the agents who was very eager to read my manuscript wrote me an email saying that she gave the manuscript to her daughter and her daughter couldn't put it down. Regrettably, she was unable to offer me representation at this time, but she gave me some wonderful suggestions and agreed to give it another look after I make the changes. No pressure or anything. I fully intend to start working on the revisions as soon as possible. The manuscript itself has already made some significant changes for the better since I self-published it in 2008, so I'm really excited to be one baby step closer to my goal of getting an agent.

It was such a crazy week that I'm sure I've probably left out something, so if I think of anything more, I'll post it early next week along with a recap of my Halloween adventures. I'll be dressing up as a nerd tomorrow night, suspenders, thick black framed glasses with tape across the bridge and all. I'll have to send Danny pictures. I'm sure he'll think I look like Steve Urkel and will probably laugh about it for a good five minutes or more. My brother had 2 main heroes during his teenage years: Urkel and Richard Simmons. Seeing me look like Urkel will probably be the highlight of his day.

Well, that's all for now, but I promise to blog again soon. Sorry about the long wait. This week was crazy busy.

Happy Halloween everybody! (And happy daylight savings time. We get to turn the clocks back tonight.)

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