Sunday, 12 December 2010

Long time no blog...

So I haven't posted in awhile, but I have been crazy busy.

Karina and I flew to Venice. It was absolutely beautiful, especially the architecture. We took a gondola ride and of course, partook in the local delicacies pizza, calzone, canollis... They were all delicious.

After a full but leisurely long weekend, we returned to Oxford. I had a track meet the next day, the Southern England Student Sports Association Championships. I won a gold medal, an actual medal. (In high school, we got medals at nearly every meet, but in college, they only give out medals at championships, so this was special.) My distances are still in pre-season mode, but I'm very excited to get back home and back in the weight room. It was really nice to spend one last day with some of my OUAC teammates. Six of us went to the meet and four of us won gold medals.

After the meet, I spent the night trying to get my room and the rest of the house cleaned. Karina and I left the house early that morning to go to Heathrow. From there, I fly to Iceland. It was absolutely beautiful, glaciers, volcanos, beaches, waterfalls. I didn't get to see a volcano, but I did see a lot of ash. Some of the glaciers were covered with it. The sand on the beach was also black. It was raining both nights I was there, so I couldn't see the Northern Lights. Bummer.

Right now, I'm in Copenhagen. So far, I've seen Scandinavia's longest designer shopping street. Everything here is a bit expensive. I saw the coast today and the the Little Mermaid statue, which commemorates Hans Christian Andersen's story. The statue has only recently returned to Denmark. It was only display in China at the World Expo this year. Tomorrow I'm going to try to catch the changing of the guard ceremony. The guard marches from one palace to the other at noon everyday.

I leave Tuesday for Switzerland. I'll be staying with a friend for a few days and then I'm off to Sweden.

I promise to check in soon.

- Beth 

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